PERSONS ENTERING the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) will now have to undergo more stringent vetting as the Government embarks on a new policy of recruitment. Recruits will now be required to do a polygraph or lie detector test…
JCF recruitment rules relaxed - Published: Thursday | November 3, 2011 (


FORCE ORDERS NO. 3356 dated 29.09.2011

Force Orders No. 3354 Part I Sub. No. 4 dated 2011-09-15 is republished with modification to items 2 and 3 regarding height and weight requirement and minimum academic qualification for general information and compliance.

The intention of the JCF Recruitment Policy is to ensure that the best qualified individuals become part of the organization. The policy requires that applicants to the Force possess a combination of academic qualification, sound background, professional competence, talent and the attitude required to meet the professional standard of the organization. The policy is non-discriminatory. Given the lead time required to do the necessary background checks before final selection, applicants who have reached seventeen (17) years of age should be allowed to do the entry tests, provided they possess the required qualifications.


1. The applicant must complete and sign the prescribed application form in his/her own handwriting.

2. Height and weight normally required are:
Female - 5′ 5″ * 125 lbs.
Male - 5′ 7″ * 135 lbs.

3. Minimum academic qualification: The academic qualification is 4 CXC’s or equivalent. English Language is compulsory. As a requirement, candidates should have Mathematics or any other numeric based subjects such as Accounts, Chemistry and Physics.

4. Age Profile: 18-40 years
Applicants over 30 years must come from one of the following professions:
military, education, medical, finance/banking, scientific, technical or legal.

5. Applicants must score a minimum of 60% on the written exam to move on to the next stage.

6. Fingerprints and bio-data of applicants must be submitted to the Technical Services Division and NIB for criminal records check and security clearance. Applicants must have clean records.

7. Each applicant must pass a physical and medical examination as stipulated by Medical Services Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

8. Antecedent Enquiries: This should include school records, religion, work history, family history, spouse, children, associates, assets, liabilities, social groups or organizations, internet misconduct, driving history, sexual misconduct, use of force against police, gambling habits and drug and alcohol use/abuse. For candidates over 25 years who have not come from a college or university, probe previous employment; reason(s) for leaving job or termination where this is the case. Seek explanation for gaps between employments.

9. Interviews: Probe details of information on application form, conduct further security and antecedent checks where necessary, seek verification and probe inconsistencies between antecedent findings and application data. Question failure to close gaps in life such as period of absence from school, gaps between employment, residence aboard and failure to complete academic programmes. Seek explanation for multiple addresses, frequent change of telephone numbers and email addresses.

10. Final application results of exam, medical, antecedent, criminal and security checks and interview will determine final score. A selection board comprising of Assistant Commissioner of Police Training, Commandant JPA, Human Resource Director and Chief Recruiting Officer will make final selection as to the qualification and suitability of applicants for enlistment in the Police Service.

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JCF Recruitment Application Form, click to download: Friday |March 15, 2013
Q: What qualifications do I need to join the Jamaica Constabulary?
A: You are required to have at least four (4) CXC/GCE subjects at standard passes. In addition all applicants must undergo two written tests to ensure they have a reasonable standard of English and a numeric test. You will also need to be able pass our selection process and complete initial training

Q. How do I apply?
A. Application forms can be either be collected at the Police Divisional H.Q. nearest to you or downloaded from this site or completed and submitted online.

Upon completion of application form you may submit it at the recruiting office of your choice.

Q: How fit do I need to be to join the Police Service?
A: You must be physically fit and healthy to perform policing duties safely and effectively. You will take a fitness test as part of the recruitment process.

Q: How old do I need to be to join the police service?
A: The age you can apply is 18 years to 40 years old.

Q: As a postgraduate are there opportunities for me to enter at a higher rank?
A: Yes, There is currently an external graduate entry programme that allows entry at a higher rank.

However, this scheme is not on ongoing scheme.

Q: Can I join the police force if I have been convicted of an offence?
A: You are not acceptable if you have been convicted of any serious offence.

Q: If I am underweight/overweight can I join the police service?
A: You should not be significantly over or underweight.

Q: Can I Join If I have a criminal record ?
A: You must be honest and have a high degree of integrity to be a Constable.
Constables with criminal associations or convictions may be vulnerable to pressure to disclose information. Convictions and cautions for certain offences can also undermine a police officer’s position as a witness in court. For these reasons, The Jamaica Constabulary need to be careful about recruiting people with cautions or convictions.

Criminal record checks are made on all applicants.
As such you are required to disclose at the time of applying any caution for any Criminal offences.

The Commissioner of Police reserves the right to reject applicants without giving reasons.

Q. If I have a Tattoo can I still apply?
A. Tattoos are not a bar to applying. However, some tattoos could potentially offend members of the public or colleagues, or could bring discredit to the police force. It depends on their size, nature and location, and sometimes on the extent.

Tattoos are not acceptable if they:

Undermine the dignity and authority of the office of constable;

Could cause offence to members of the public or colleagues and/or invite provocation;

Are garish or numerous or particularly prominent;

Indicate alignment with a particular group, which could give offence to members of the public or colleagues;

Q. What are the standard options available for entry?
A. Regular Constable, Special Constable, District Constable/Rural Police, Cadet Core.

Q. Will I be paid during training?
A. YES, Student constables get full salary but no allowances such as housing since living quarters are place provided.

Q. Do I get to go home on weekend?
A. Not compulsory, weekends are awarded based on your appearance and ability to answer questions asked to you about Laws & Police procedures. However, in a case of emergency, the officer in charge of basic training may award student constables the weekend.

Q. Can I apply to specific area of the force?
A. Yes you can, after probationary period.

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