Welcome to the Administrative Office

As Enrolment Officer I will be providing you with services and information relating to registration, Enrolment of all Member's, Student's and Teacher's roles, preparation and the availability of Classrooms, site accessibility and Visitors, Parents and Sponsors (VPS) Passes.

To All Prospective Student.

All members hoping to participate in any of the Virtual Learning Environment course should ensure that they are register at School Yard College before the Enrolment date.

You should always contact your correspondent Teacher, School, Agent or course provider first, for assistance and information require, and if all else fail, please contact The Enrolment Office for assistance.

Classroom Access.

Once successfully registered at School Yard College, you will be able to login and have access to some of our College resources, but you may not be able to access your VLE Classroom until your correspondent agent completes the enrolment process, after which you will receive a welcome e-mail from your teacher.

School Yard College